Thursday, January 18, 2007

Back to Basics

Last night I continued with the Billy Blanks Boot Camp Basic Training Video. I think I am going to stick with that one for another week or two before proceeding to the next tape. It's quite the work out and I want to make sure that I can do everything successfully before going forward. There are a few things right now that I would like to do better before I get to that point.

After the full 55 minutes - I did some independent stretches and yoga poses. Tonight, since it's an off night for the Boot Camp series I hope to do some pilates - low impact that is.

I will report back.

In the meantime, I was saying how frustrated I was...I still am about not losing weight...but I should be thankful that I am getting the exercise. I am feeling better about myself - which is a very good thing. Now, if the pounds will start melting away I would be even happier.


jessica said...

wow, looks like you are so busy with your workouts.

Naturegirl said...

Billy Blanks havn't heard of him for some time but then again I have ~NOT~
been in the excercise loop for a year! OMG perhaps you've inspired me to get back! Keep moving and groovin! :)NG

Tasha said...
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Tasha said...

Sorry... I deleted the other one because of typos... :)

good luck with your endeavors!! the pounds will come off. be patient and loving with yourself through the process.

Valentina said...

I like to be back and seeing that you're also back! :)

Harmonia said...

Thanks everyone...remember my main blog is still at: - this is for my rants and raves. Which I have one to post today. Ek!