Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Yoga on the Ball & Aerobics

Last night I did 20 minutes of Aerobics. It was a nice workout and I finally started feeling some muscles from the Billy Blanks Bootcamp from the night before. I will be doing more Boot Camp Basic Training tonight! Anyhow, the Aerobics video was thru the Basic Series and Alan Harris was your host. He is very energetic. After 20 minutes of Aerobics I did 45 minutes of Yoga On The Ball. This was a neat workout...I really enjoyed it. The DVD was thru Natural Journeys...Natural Journey's Sara Ivanhoe was the host. I like her...she's very descriptive and her voice is soothing.

Here is the website. Today was the first time I have logged on. There are a few more programs I am interested in purchasing...that is if I can find them at a bargain!

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